• Styled in EleganceStyle

    Ximenia has eight beautifully designed style variations that capture the balance between luring visuals with soft and subtle undertones. Utilizing dynamic layouts and module suffixes, you can easily shift the intensity of design.Ximenia has 8 beautifully designed presets with soft, subtke undertones.
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  • Sprocket LayoutsLayouts

    The template has styled support for all RokSprocket Layout modes, which includes Moasic, Features, Tabs, Lists and Headlines. RokSprocket is an all-in-one content module with a rich user interface for easy setup.The template has styled support for all RokSprocket Layout modules.
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  • Lots of FeaturesFeatures

    There are a plethora of features included with Ximenia, the top being the Gantry Framework which powers most of the functionality in the template. Other features include the powerful and configuration Fusion with MegaMenu.There are a plethora of features included with Ximenia, such as Gantry.
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image Five layouts: Mosaic, Features, Headlines, Lists or Tabs. +

Flexible Layouts

with RokSprocket

image Features include an intuitive administrative interface. +

Core Framework

powered by Gantry

image Compressed CSS and JS files for faster page loading. +

Site PerformancePerformance

enhanced by RokBooster


RokSprocket: Ultimate Content Control

RokSprocket is a powerful content module, that allows you to deliver your content in multiple fashions from a single platform. RokSprocket has varying layout modes, such as Tabs and Mosaic, with mode specific options.

Using RokSprocket is incredible simple due to the custom, advanced interface, allowing you to customize each individual elements with ease.


Built-in Menu Systems

Fusion with MegaMenu is an advanced CSS dropdown menu with Mootools enhancements. Such features include mutli-column support, inline modules / positions, icons and subtext, configurable on a per menu item basis.

SplitMenu is a static alternative that places parent items in the header, and child items in the sidemenu, which is configurable in the template manager.


Integrated Extensions

An assortment of RocketTheme Extensions have integrated styling to visually match Ximenia. These include RokSprocket in its varying layout modes, including Mosaic, as well as RokAjaxSearch and RokGallery.

There is also styling for K2, a third party Content Control Kit extension from JoomlaWorks, as configurable via the Template Manager.



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Top Features

Medyum Medyumlar  About Joomla! Esmaül Hüsna.Esmaül Hüsna Esmaül Hüsna +
image Eight elegant, subtle and conservative styles. +
image K2 (third party) extension style integration. +

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Fusion with MegaMenu 1

A CSS based dropdown menu enhanced by Mootools


Fusion has many features, inclusive of, but not limited to: Mootools animations, multiple columns, inline module/positions, inline subtext and icons. 1

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K2 Integrated Styling 2

K2 is a versatile Third Party Content Control Kit  2


Ximenia has integrated styling for K2 through custom CSS that can be activated or disabled from the Advanced tab in the Joomla Template Manager. 2

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RokSprocket Layouts 3

 RokSprocket is a revolutionary content extension 3


RokSprocket has support for numerous content layout types, these as Mosaic, Headlines, Tabs and Features, as shown on this frontpage and subpages. 3

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Core Gantry Framework 4


Gantry provides all major features and functions in the template, inclusive of the rich, user friendly administrator, the 960 Grid System, iPhone / Android support and more. 4

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